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IUT Beyeler AG is pleased to announce

TAURUS: Scrap shear or shears – Scrap crusher and scrap balers –Bodywork crushers and Car balers

IUT Beyeler AG has been the partner that you can rely on over many years when you need to purchase scrap metal shears, a scrap crusher or a car baler. In recent years and over several decades we have supplied our range of products to almost every country in Europe as well as to Russia, Australia, Asia and Africa. TAURUS scrap shears, whether they are the well-known angled scrap shears from the BLULINE product range or the inclined scrap shears from the REDLINE range are in use in large numbers in the scrap-metal processing industry for processing scrap steel.

TAURUS: Why is or are a scrap shear or even several scrap shears or scrap balers needed?

Our scrap shears are absolutely the tops in terms of their price/performance ratio, whilst at the same time they represent the latest state-of-the-art in technology. Ease of maintenance on the one hand and the assurance of the supply of service and spare parts on the other hand are a trademark of the scrap shears and scrap balers supplied by IUT Beyeler AG.

TAURUS: scrap shears: New or used

Used scrap shears, whether they are one of our own TAURUS products or even one made by others, are part of our normal procedures. IUT Beyeler AG not only takes trade-ins of used scrap shears against the purchase of new machines but is also well-known as a supplier of used equipment, including both scrap shears or scrap balers.

Machines that come into our possession are for the most part completely renovated by our suppliers and then supplied to a new owner. A scrap shear or scrap baler that is restored by IUT Beyeler AG is under normal circumstances supplied to the customer with a guarantee.

Scrap Baler or Bodywork Baler – Car Baler or Metal Baler

The question often arises regarding which package the customer should have. IUT Beyeler AG has given thought to this issue. Accordingly old vehicles, or so-called ELVs (End-of-life vehicles) are compressed for ease of transport in the shredding equipment into bales or logs, which are approximately of 1000 x 600 x variable figure cm in size. Scrap metal bales or new metal sheets are, on the other hand, crushed in scrap baler or a bale press, depending on whether 2 or 3 stage crushing/compressing methods are used, into packs of 30 x 30, 40 x 40 or 60 x 60 cm. Our product range includes both scrap balers and bodywork presses/crushers, which meet these requirements.

Small shredder units and pre-shredders from the TAURUS REDLINE Product Range

TAURUS has for many decades been well-known not only as a manufacturer of mobile or stationary scrap shears, but also for manufacturing BRAVO pre-shredders, which are sometimes called "mill-feeders” in the scrap metal industry. as part of its product range. IUT Beyeler AG is responsible for the marketing and distribution of the TAURUS range of small shredders with engine powers of up to 500kW as a major part of its activities.

Alligator shears and scrap balers from JMC Recycling

The alligator shear, which is often written off by some people, has nevertheless never been replaced by any more modern scrap preparation system. Alligator shears are accordingly still used for processing heavy brass, window profiles, dishwasher aluminum and many more scrap metals types. In this respect quite frequently a metal baler with a cover has to be manually filled for the production of handy metal bales of 15 – 65 kg.

Cable granulation units – Cable stripping machines – Analysis devices and attachments

Processing old cables involves possibly either the use of a stripping machine or of a granulation unit. IUT Beyeler AG Is also a reliable partner and supplier in operations of this nature. Thus, PECHER or TECNOECOLOGY stripping machines as well as granulation units from MG Recycling are supplied in large numbers to satisfied customers in Switzerland or nearby countries. The main feature of the MG Recycling granulator is the production of an absolutely pure cu pellet, plus an optimal price-performance ratio and a high level of availability.

PECHER stripping machines are right up there with the Champions League players in this market segment. The TECNOECOLGY machines have simplicity and competitive pricing levels as their key features.

Metal-analysis has been in use for many years, but whilst in the past it often involved cumbersome laboratory equipment, these days use is made of so-called “Hand-helds” such as the VULCAN or X-MET 8000 units produced by the MaTech.Corporation IUT Beyeler AG supplies and has supplied large numbers of these devices to users from the non-ferrous metal reconditioning and scrap metal recycling sectors.

Attachments with the trade name VRS have represented a further key feature of the activities of IUT Beyeler AG for a number of years. Accordingly, the supply and installing onto a materials handling machine and the commissioning of this VRS-Powerhand unit in question is also something that is handled by our organization, regardless of whether the materials handling unit was supplied by IUT Beyeler AG or acquired from elsewhere by the customer.

Excavator shears – Single shaft shredders – Dual shaft shredder - Hammer mills – you can rely on ZATO

Hammer mills, excavator shears or other attachments have been a further range of products which have rendered valuable service to scrap processors ever since IUT commenced its cooperation with ZATO.

Where In earlier days whole teams of flame cutters were once used, there is now just a single hydraulic excavator in operation fitted with ZATO shears of various capacities from 600 kg up to 10,000 kg.

Single or dual shaft ZATO shredders are both well accepted appliances in the aluminum processing sector in addition to being used as pre-crushers for light scrap.

Hammer mills, which are also called shredders, are a major part of the ZATO Company’s product range.

ZATO manufactures and IUT Beyeler AG distributes hammer mills of various capacities from the CS1410 model with a power unit of approx. 350 kW up to the high-capacity 19-21 CS1410 Bulk Shredder unit with a power unit of over 2,000 kW.

Tailored solutions, combined with the drawing-up of layout plans are the hallmark of the ZATO-IUT Beyeler AG team of dedicated specialists.

Scrap shears – Materials handling machinery – VRS Powerhand – Audits – Service and maintenance – After-sales service: Our worldwide partners

IUT Beyeler has over many years of exceptionally effective collaborative forged links with companies such as “Sprzet-Kop“, “GUCINEX“, HWH-Machines or BUS Baumaschinen, Fürst Technik and Burkhard Schlosserei GmbH. All such companies are independent partners of IUT Beyeler AG and are in particular then brought on-board when it comes down to organizing audits, maintenance, service, provision of technicians or the supplying of replacement parts. Joint participation at trade fairs, conventions and meetings have become part and parcel of these relationships.

IUT Beyeler AG: More than just one of many

Lots of companies sell machines – We build machines!

Scrap shears, scrap balers, bale presses, cable-striping units, attachments, excavator shears, single shaft shredders, dual shaft shredders, pre-shredders and mill feeders, analysis devices and used equipment. We are your partners!

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