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Zato Recycling Solutions

ZATO: Hydraulic excavator shears – Single shaft shredders – Dual shaft shredders - Hammer mills

Demolition shears, hydraulic excavator shears or other attachments from the CAYMAN range have been a further product resulting from the collaboration between IUT Beyeler AG and ZATO, which we will be supplying to scrap processors in many European countries. ZATO manufactures hydraulic excavator shears weighing from 600 kg up to 10‘000 kg with or without rotating device in form of terminal device or as a scrap handler or a grab.

BLUE DEVIL single or dual shaft shredders from ZATO are well-accepted In the aluminum processing industry in addition to being used as pre-crushers for light scrap.

Hammer mills, which are also called shredders, are a major part of the ZATO Company’s product range. ZATO manufactures and IUT Beyeler AG distributes hammer mills of various capacities from the CS1410 model with a power unit of approx. 350 kW up to the high-capacity 19-21 Bulk Shredder unit with a power unit of over 2,000 kW.

Tailored solutions, combined with the drawing-up of layout plans are the hallmark of the ZATO-IUT Beyeler AG team of dedicated specialists.