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JMC Recycling

JMC Recycling: Alligator shears and scrap balers

IUT Beyeler AG has been the official Distributor of JMC Recycling for Switzerland, Germany and Austria for many years. IUT Beyeler AG supplies alligator shears in a wide range of sizes and cutting lengths from the JMC 200 up to the JMC 900, which have 200 mm and 900 mm cutting lengths respectively, JMC alligator shears are used for processing heavy brass, window profiles, dishwasher aluminum and many other scrap metals. In this respect quite frequently a metal baler with cover, of the type JMC 2035 is combined with bales the size of 200 x 350 x variable mm or a JMC 5025 with bales of 250 x 500 x variable mm. JMC bale presses are suitable for producing handy-size bales of from 15 - 65 kg, in particular in the (non-ferrous) segment such as Al, Cu Ms, Zn or other materials.